Southern California 2016

My recent trip to California was the best one yet. I witnessed and captured so many incredible landscapes and it left me with one unanswered question; Where to next? 

Here are some shots from the trip that I didn't believe should be published worthy but still captured the experience well: 

2015 from my Lens

2015 was a big year. New Jersey is home to a lot of talented photographers so it is challenging to stand out from the rest. But this year I was blessed to have landed multiple online features, some including the biggest surf websites in the world; and I also received my name in print a couple of times in Eastern Surf Magazine which was a new experience for me. I focused on learning the art of wedding and portrait photography as well as experiencing my first Milkyway shoot. I also traveled to California for a second straight year and left with images and memories ill have forever. As I enter a new year I look back on how this "hobby" has allowed me to meet so many amazing people who I'm lucky enough to call my friends. I am extremely excited to see where 2016 brings me but until then, heres a few of my favorite images of 2015. Thanks for viewing!!!!

Chasing the Milky-Way

Clear nights in March are prime to capture the rise of the Milky Way over the Atlantic Ocean. These shots were taken between 2am-4am on the morning after St.Patty's Day. ENJOY!

Charles Mencel Surfboards

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch and photograph Manasquan local, Charles Mencel shape a board. The whole process was an eye opener as to how much really goes into a surfboard. This was by far the most fun that I've ever had during a photo shoot. ENJOY!